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Thread: SDK Tools needs simplified building and dependency resolution

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    Question SDK Tools needs simplified building and dependency resolution

    We have several very large projects that require building combinations of Java resources as well as front end components into a single deployable file (a Java "war" file). The build process runs under Maven and currently uses JSBuilder2 as one of the steps to build a minified single javascript file with many hundreds of custom js classes. Everything works perfectly - the application is simple to maintain, build and deploy.

    The new SDK Tools lack simplified options for building. We are experienced users and *know* which ExtJS 4 / Touch2 components our application uses. We do not create projects using the SDK nor do we want to. We can, however, create an ext.jsb2 equivalent file containing all "requires" entries across all our js files (and could even automate this in our Maven build). We would then like to run something like:

    sencha build my-required-extjs-files.jsb2

    which will scan the specified jsb2 file, resolve any dependencies, and create a minified ext-min.js file specific to the needs of the project. This would then become part of our build process.

    Is something like this already available or perhaps in the pipeline?

    Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    I am not sure I understand... is this what you are looking for?

    sencha build -p ucc.jsb3 -d .
    Not sure about the differences between jsb2 and jsb3.

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    I don't want to be nagging ... but it is getting more and more clear to me how far away web-developers are from enterprise development standards.


    We have automated our build with the exec maven plugin and a few series of custom build command in maven.
    It is really not so nice to work with maven and ext js 4 yet.

    I seriously wonder how and why this is neglected

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