I'm using a Dataview with the Ext.ux.DataView.Animated plugin and I'm trying to apply remote filtering of the store, but I'm having some trouble. The basic setup follows that of the animated Dataview example found in the docs. The only difference in my code is that my store loads from a URL and has remoteFilter: true. The problem with filtering seems to be on finding the new elements (as they don't yet exist). The view animates away the filtered out results, but it has no new elements to bring in to the view (though it does make space in the appropriate places for them).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to facilitate this? I've been trying to animate dataview items with different techniques and this is the closest I've seen using strictly Ext (I tried using jQuery Isotope for the animation, as that is what we're transitioning from, but it's proving to be more of a headache than it's worth).