Hey, I'm trying to create a Date of Birth Ext.picker.Date instance in Architect and I'm not entirely sure that it's possible to make it be a little clever (inside of Architect).

In this documentation: http://docs.sencha.com/touch/2-0/#!/api/Ext.picker.Date

It says that you can populate the current date using
new Date()
but I'm not able to replicate this inside of Architect.

To register on the mobile application I'm using you need to be 18, so I would also like to dynamically create the yearTo value so that it's exactly 18 years ago.
Something like this in psuedo:

var d = new Date(),
    lastPossibleYear = d.getFullYear() - 18;

picker: {
    yearTo: lastPossibleYear
I'm thinking at the moment I'm going to have to edit the picker upon creation of the form, right?
Edit: Not even sure how to do the above ;D Ext.navigation.View containing multiple Ext.form.Panel with the first panel linked inside the Ext.navigation.View. It doesn't seem to fire any sortof initialise, painted, show event upon starting with it as my initalView. How am I meant to be listening to this Form Panel being displayed so I can change the datePicker?

Thanks, Dom