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Thread: Please provide easier way to submit bugs/issues

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Please provide easier way to submit bugs/issues

    I am trying to use the bug template to submit issues, and it has been painful.

    I'm using Chrome 20. I select the template and then paste it into the forum window. It will put a window within the window. I then cut and paste from that window and I get more windows within windows.

    Screenshot shows the windows within windows.

    There needs to be an easier way for us to submit issues with GXT, especially for premium members (in my opinion). I have to remember to copy text from the template to a text editor and then copy it from there. If I copy that from the browser to the brower, the WYSIWYG editor cannot handle it (as shown).

    Wouldn't but tracking software benefit everyone? It would be a lot easier for me to look for duplicates prior to submitting (the 20 second delay between searches has caused me to not spend much time looking for similar issues). It would be a lot easier to track (I recently had a defect reported in January with fix that wasn't addressed until I noticed it wasn't fixed, and resent the link to the bug to be addressed).


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    I'll bring this up with the team. The challenge will be to find a bug collection system that is simple to use and ties in with our internal infrastructure. I'll reply here with any changes or decisions we arrive at.

    Unfortunately, the bug template is not compatible with the rich text editor. The template was designed for use with the standard text-only editor instead. As a temporary workaround, consider taking the following steps.

    1. Click the Post New Thread button.
    2. Once you've arrived at the Post New Thread page, append &wysiwyg=0 to the URL.
    3. Paste the bug template into the standard text box and complete it as necessary.

    I'll update the instructions in the bug template to include this note.
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