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Thread: One week of use and experimentation

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    Default One week of use and experimentation

    After one week of playing around with Architect these are my impressions.

    It's a little green around the edges, but overall I'd say it's fantastic. So much so that I'll drop my money on the table for the sencha everything package in a couple of weeks. I've lurked on the side and just learned what I could for a while. But it's time to jump in with both feet.

    My hopes are this:

    1. Architect 2 will be slightly more flexible. I suspect that is being worked on right now. Some things that you just can't do with architect do need to be added. Those things will become much more clear as people using all sorts of different frameworks and servers and building all sorts of apps weigh in on what they would like.

    2. MVC will mature with Architect 2. No knock on it in it's current form for both Touch and Extjs. But reality is were at the very early first steps. I've hoped for a way to organise my code for years. So much so that I just stayed away. Had other things to do in the mean time. Best practices are simply just best for now, and I'm looking forward to pushing the boundaries for even better practices. A lot of these things are chicken and egg. If you didn't have MVC pattern to use with architect....but architect changes the way you think about mvc and best will take time.

    3. An Architect mafia will grow up around it. As in "big-brained-long-time-extjs-users" than can push the boundaries much more quickly than just an intermediate JS/Extjs programmer like myself. I'd like to see some of these types duplicate apps they've written before, but using Architect. Maybe that could be a paid challenge by Sencha for some of the more expert users? If an expert can't build with this, how can a beginner or intermediate build something useful?

    4. As an add-in to architect..... code could display comments and links pertinent to mvc and touch/extjs for learning. Or maybe this would just be several COMPLETE sample apps with copious comments - apps written start to finish with architect. If there is one thing that would take Sencha from good to take-over-the-world great, it would be complete and up-to-date examples. The API documentation is fantastic. It's time for the examples to become up-to-date and fantastic also.

    5. Extjs and Touch examples need to be Architect compatible/ready. If I can't easily figure out how to carry out an example in Architect, I can't really write my whole app, or sometimes any of it, in Architect.

    Just a short list of my thoughts for now. But to sum up..... FREAKING AWESOME - GREAT JOB - GREAT THINGS ARE COMING!! Can't wait to see the next release......just....can't....wait!!

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    Thanks for the commentary and yes many of your thoughts and impressions we are already working on.
    Aaron Conran

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