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Thread: Slow SCSS compiling - Perhaps it should be split a little?

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    Default Slow SCSS compiling - Perhaps it should be split a little?

    Hey, I've been using Compass for quite a while now in my own projects to make skinable websites which involves me splitting the SCSS into two seperate folders:

    Core, SkinName

    Inside my SCSS I include all of the Core files for each project (it's layout to create a white-label website) and then include the Skin specific styles to apply colour/skin-specific styles into one outputted .CSS file

    I've had a go at making changes/alterations to ST2 but the compiling takes around 7-8 seconds of compile. Which makes it pretty difficult to play around.

    Perhaps there is a way to make this a little quicker? I'm thinking a lot of the time spent is creating sprites. What are other people doing?

    Thanks, Dom

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    7-8 seconds isn't bad IMO. Ext JS 4 (which has a lot more in it) takes a couple minutes.
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