Hi everyone,

I try to migrate my application from ExtJS 4.1 rc3 to 4.1.
My application uses a tree view that is not always visible on startup (It is in a card layout panel).

When it is visible everything renders fine and there is no problem. But when it is in the background I get a JavaScript error when using 4.1. The error appears in the onUpdate function of the Ext.view.Table class because the variable oldRow is null.
oldRow is computet from the me.all element of the class.

I looked into the source code and found out that the class Ext.view.View in 4.1 misses in the afterRender function a bindStore call. This call was made in 4.1 rc3 if a store was available.

bindStore calls a refresh of the view and fills the me.all element so there is no problem when onUpdate is called.

My question: What was the reason to remove the lines of code in the afterRender function? Is this a bug or is it simply not possible to expand the root note on a tree panel before it was shown at least once?

Best regards