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Thread: (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Bar Series Chart Does Not Render Correctly When Time Range is Changed

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    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for a bug in our system in a recent build.
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    Default (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Bar Series Chart Does Not Render Correctly When Time Range is Changed

    Version of Ext GWT
    This problem occurs in the recently released GA version of Ext GWT 3.0.0.

    Browser versions
    Firefox 7
    Internet Explorer 8

    Operating System
    Windows 7

    Virtual Machine

    When the BarSeries is used in column mode (setColumn(true)) in conjunction with a TimeAxis in the bottom position, the resulting chart will eventually have rendering issues when the range of time is changed dynamically using (for example) DateField widgets for manipulating starting and ending dates.

    The problem occurs in Eclipse (dev mode) as well as when deployed to Tomcat (web mode).

    Steps to Reproduce
    The attached file (
    ColumnChartRenderingErrors.txt) can be used to demonstrate the problem.

    The chart first comes up showing a range of time from July 1 through July 30. Change the End Date widget to July 15 (a shorter range of time), and then click the Get Data button. The right half of the chart will not re-render correctly. Attached is a screen shot (
    ColumnChartRenderingErrors.png) showing the problem.

    Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong in the code in the attached file or if there is a work around.

    John L
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