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Thread: Web app running slow on Chrome?

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    Default Web app running slow on Chrome?

    Hi there!
    Im kinda new to Sencha Touch 2 but loving it so far. Gonna try to explain the problems i'm experiencing and hopefully you can help me!

    The project im working on is a Web app that we are gonna use as a presentation tool.
    The reason for this is that we want to be able to use the imitation of native touch that Sencha Touch 2 brings, on a multi touch display (Full HD and around 24").

    Now, from this web app we're going to create a native iPad app that works the same as the Web app.
    Everything good so far, but theres a problem i'm experiencing with the web app..

    The problem i'm having is that out of the two Webkit browsers that Sencha Touch 2 is supporting (Safari, Chrome), only one is doing the job flawless - Safari..
    But the thing is that in this presentation, we have to be able to hide the fact that we are using a browser by using the browsers fullscreen function.
    And as im writing this, unfortunately this function doesn't exist in Safari 5, atleast not as in firefox and in Chrome.

    So why not just Chrome instead? Well in Chrome, all of my animations and effects are REALLY slow and laggy, wich wont be acceptable in the presentation.

    Now my question is, is there a way to optimize and/or make everything go a lot smoother in Chrome? Since there seems to be no way to go TRUE fullscreen on Safari 5.

    Demo link:

    Check out the simple menu i've made up to the left in the demo and compare it if you can/will in Chrome v.s Safari and you will notice that the menu animations go a lot smoother in Safari!

    Thank you for your time & i hope that you can help me here!

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    Which animation? The menu sliding in and out looks good on Chrome 20 on my Mac using my 27" cinema display.
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