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Thread: Project Inspector Freezes

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    Default Project Inspector Freezes

    Following thee instructions at causes the Project Inspector to freeze when adding the JsonStore.

    To replicate:

    * Follow instructions up to and including step 1 under "Add and configure stores".
    * Click Application and then click CarDataJson.

    From then on, navigation within Stores is inhibited. After adding a Model and assigning it to the newly created Store, click navigation within both Stores and Models is problematic.

    This seems to occur because Architect appears to require that a Model be defined before one can define a Store. Once the error flag (exclamation point in a box) appears at the end of the line for the newly created Store, clicking anywhere under Stores (except MyJsonReader) appears disabled.

    It is still possible to navigate to components under Stores by clicking any component above or below Stores and pressing the arrow keys to reach a Store component.

    Having just paid for Architect, this is very disappointing and suggests to me that the product is not yet ready.

    I am running Sencha Architect Version 2.0.0 Build 442 Release Channel: 2.0-stable under Windows 7.

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    I cannot reproduce this issue under Windows 7.

    Can you reliably reproduce it? Are there any other unusual things that occurred that may point to the cause?
    Aaron Conran

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