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Thread: Setting up your Architect Touch projects to be used with SDK Tools v2 beta 3

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    Default Setting up your Architect Touch projects to be used with SDK Tools v2 beta 3

    First let me state that SDK Tools is under rapid development and this means 2 things

    1. You'll be getting a more useful command line build tool that has less bugs
    2. Architect will lag behind a bit in terms of support for SDK Tools so it can stabilize.

    Currently the Package and Simulate (touch only) features in Architect support SDK Tools V2 Beta 2

    Warning: Package doesn't work from Architect with beta 3 the command has changed from sencha package to sencha package build

    With that said I don't suggest you wait to try out the new Beta 3 features of the Tools and so with that in mind here are the steps to make your Architect projects work well with the newest SDK Tools

    Install SDK Tools V2 Beta 3

    open a fresh command line interface (terminal, iterm, cmd.exe, etc ...)
    Don't try to run it just anywhere as you might now get a node.js error

    Download the Touch 2.x SDK

    unzip the SDK

    cd into that directory
    running sencha should get you here

    $ sencha app create st2 ../st2

    now we'll take this newly created app directory and harvest some of the good bits

    $ cd ../st2
    $ ls -la

    note the .senchasdk file

    Now let's pretend we have a project folder created with Architect (touch of course) located at

    cp .senchasdk ~/Code/citybars/
    cp app.json ~/Code/citybars/
    cp -r sdk/ ~/Code/citybars/
    cp -r resources/ ~/Code/citybars/
    cp index.html ~/Code/citybars/

    Now you should be able to cd ~/Code/citybars
    $ ls -la

    $ sencha
    should work just fine now with no [WARN]

    Rest assured when SDK Tools stabilize we will be making the integration and improving the experience greatly
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