We are pleased to announce today the availability of Ext JS 4.1.1 RC1.


Of particular interest in this release are some significant fixes for community reported layout issues. We wanted to get these fixes out as early as possible to provide an opportunity for community feedback.

The plan is to close as many community-reported bugs as possible for the final Ext JS 4.1.1 so a big "thank you" to everyone who has taken the time to report their issues.


Bugs fixed:

Button (3)
  • EXTJSIV-5964 - Buttons do not show 'pressing' animation when clickEvent is 'mousedown'
  • EXTJSIV-5989 - Changing text in some buttons does not layout properly in Chrome 16+
  • EXTJSIV-6109 - Button contents are cut off when using scoped CSS

Charts (3)
  • EXTJSIV-5981 - Bound of Area Series incorrectly calculated.
  • EXTJSIV-6074 - Column chart with all zero data renders poorly and throws css warnings
  • EXTJSIV-6088 - Pie chart is broken after resize

Core (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6052 - DragZone determines wrong target el causing subsequent JS error

Data (4)
  • EXTJSIV-5988 - Falsy Ext.data.Operation id property lost during Ext.data.Request creation.
  • EXTJSIV-5993 - Ext 4.1 RC3 HasOne Assocation Bug
  • EXTJSIV-6024 - Problem in extending from a model with associations
  • EXTJSIV-6063 - Ext.data.Store.add() behave inconsistently when groupField is used

DataView (2)
  • EXTJSIV-6082 - Hidden data view breaks when updating
  • EXTJSIV-6110 - Ext.view.AbstractView indexOf throws error if argument is invalid or null

Documentation (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6112 - Errors and omissions in the MVC Application Architecture guide

Events (1)
  • EXTJSIV-5983 - beforerender event not fired for Viewport (or component with configured 'el')

Examples (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6045 - GroupTabPanel ux bug - Missing lower rounded corner

Forms (10)
  • EXTJSIV-5389 - TextArea marks form as dirty
  • EXTJSIV-5458 - Delete key does not work for textfield (email vtype) in Opera 11
  • EXTJSIV-5965 - TextField placeholder text shifts up by 1 pixel on focus
  • EXTJSIV-5994 - FieldSet label component is not available before render
  • EXTJSIV-6016 - MultiSelect / ItemSelector : "Clear" and "Reset" Buttons are not working when all items are dragged to right panel in Item Selector Table.
  • EXTJSIV-6054 - Spinner setReadOnly does not hide triggers
  • EXTJSIV-6065 - TextArea special keys stop working at maxLength with enfornceMaxLength on
  • EXTJSIV-6081 - A HiddenField occupies visible space in the form
  • EXTJSIV-6104 - Slider readOnly has no effect
  • EXTJSIV-6134 - Labelable insertion templates do not have access to component id

Grid (5)
  • EXTJSIV-5984 - [4.1 RC3] Grouping expand() not working
  • EXTJSIV-6057 - Calling Ext.grid.Panel.reconfigure before rendering causes error
  • EXTJSIV-6066 - Grid does not always show its loadmask properly
  • EXTJSIV-6083 - scope has no effect on actioncolumn
  • EXTJSIV-6092 - Grid header Container getVisibleHeaderClosestToIndex does not check previous only next

Layouts (4)
  • EXTJSIV-5797 - Autosized tooltips are not layed out correctly
  • EXTJSIV-5861 - Fit layout does not adjust sizes based on autoScroll triggered by minHeight
  • EXTJSIV-6026 - Splitters in HBox layouts have no height
  • EXTJSIV-6042 - getPosition method doesn't return page coordinate

Menu (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6035 - Menu destroy method can cause JS error on keyNav

Misc (1)
  • EXTJSIV-5982 - Stacked bar/column chart leave a ghost shadow when all items are hidden

Panel (2)
  • EXTJSIV-5716 - Panels with min/max constraints misbehave in a box layout with stretchmax
  • EXTJSIV-5916 - Problem with Panel.setTitle without header

Tree (3)
  • EXTJSIV-6051 - 4.1 Grid to Tree DnD not working any more
  • EXTJSIV-6076 - Changing TreeStore's defaultRootProperty breaks the tree
  • EXTJSIV-6113 - TreeGrid is not repainted after the vertical scroll bar disappears

Window (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6048 - Frame: true should not cause a window to display badly