Hi ,
I have added form element in grid when i try to enter some values in the text box it throws this exception

I got this exception through Firebug ...

[Exception... "'Permission denied to set property XULElement.selectedIndex' when calling method: [nsIAutoCompletePopup:electedIndex]" nsresult: "0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)" location: "JS frame :: http://localhost:8080/release0.0v/yu....33/yui-ext.js :: anonymous :: line 471" data: no]
Line 471

my code is here :

colModel = new YAHOO.ext.grid.DefaultColumnModel([
{header: "X1", sortable: true,dataIndex:0},
{header: "X2", sortable: true,dataIndex:1},
{header: "X3", sortable: true,dataIndex:2},
{header: "X4", sortable: true,dataIndex:3},
{header: "X5", sortable: true,dataIndex:4,renderer: function(value, row, column, node) {return '<input type="text" size="3" id="'+"text"+row+'" name="qty" style="width:100%;height:15px;font-size:9;"/>';}},
{header: "X6", width:55, sortable: true,dataIndex:5,renderer: function(value, row, column, node) {return '<input type="button" onClick="test();" value="ADD" id='+"button"+row+'style="width:40px;height:15px;font-size:8;font-weight:300; color:#000000" />';}},
{header: "X7", sortable: true,dataIndex:6},
{header: "X8", sortable: true,dataIndex:7},
{header: "X9", sortable: true,dataIndex:8}

what is the error . :?: