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Thread: Documentation is awful and vague - how to find stuff and name things?

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    Default Documentation is awful and vague - how to find stuff and name things?

    Somebody needs to sit down and write a "theory of operation" for this framework because there seems to be an awful lot of magic running around and I'm struggling over and over with some very basic concepts.

    1) Normal MVC typically has a Controller manage one or more Views. How one is supposed to associate a controller to a view remains a total mystery to me. I'm used to iPhone development, have done Smalltalk, Cocoa, Motif, lots of other MVC frameworks. This one acts like none of those. So while I can add an event handler to a button, how do I actually get that to call the appropriate method in my controller?

    2) As many designers I created a bunch of standalone views for the various screens first. Now I want to create a matching controller for each. Controllers have a 'views' attribute. Dragging a view into that or naming it results in a dialog that asks if I'd now like to delete the "copy" of the view? WTF? Seriously I need somebody to draw me a flamin' picture of how all this stuff fits together.

    3) There are way too many ways to "identify" things. We have userAlias, id, itemID, userClassName and who knows what else. Stores seem to have even more handles or names.

    4) Screen navigation - the iOS way this is handled makes sense - a controller manages one or more views. Pushing a controller onto a navigation controller displays its view. How this is supposed to work with Architect I have no idea but I ended up creating a top level card view and calling "setActiveItem" to swap views. Probably there is a better way to do this but I can't find it.

    5) Stores have models if I create the store itself. But why does the Model have a store attribute? Is this supposed to be a bidirectional link?

    Really frustrated and I'm pretty close to abandoning this tool as being way too complex but I like your widget set. I don't give a fig about the models or the stores, I use web local SQL (sqlite) and JQuery ajax and I prefer that but I like the controllers for partitioning logic so - how can I actually use them if I can't reference the controller from the view?
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