Hello everybody,
Its been awhile since my last post on these forums. I'm raising a question to which i haven't found an answer on the forums yet.

Looking on the API viewer for the ext 2.0 i would like to know if there is a way to make the a web application using Ext to behave like the API viewer.

When I say "behave like the API viewer", i mean no use of iframes in the center region and the content of the tabs to be fetched using Ajax.

Inside the tabs I would like to have complex functionalities, like grids, forms, other (inner) layouts, all with their particular business logic. In a way something similar with the API viewer, or yahoo mail beta but a but more complex.

I've be studying Marketo architecture a little bit and I've noticed that when a new tab is created the response for the ajax included data (json), raw html, and some javascript.

What would be the best practice to implement something like this?
  1. no iframes for the tabs
  2. tab content is dynamic, i.e. there could be grids forms, and distinct business logic in each tab
  3. custom javascript code for business logic to be loaded on demand
  4. response to ajax calls to contain raw HTML and script, then script to be evaluated and to work with the new added raw html