Looking at the API it appears that setting autoMaximize: true isn't recommended. If that is the case is there any other way to cause the iOS URL bar to auto hide? When you have the URL bar, title bar, and tab bar, there just isn't much "work area" left on iPhone. iPad is fine because the URL bar always shows and you have a lot more real estate.

What are people doing for this?

autoMaximize : Boolean
Whether or not to always automatically maximize the viewport on first load and all subsequent orientation changes.
This is set to false by default for a number of reasons:
  • Orientation change performance is drastically reduced when this is enabled, on all devices.
  • On some devices (mostly Android) this can sometimes cause issues when the default browser zoom setting is changed.
  • When wrapping your phone in a native shell, you may get a blank screen.
Defaults to: false