I have a form (target plattform is ipad) what must do something like this:

select a floor number of a building (drop down box populated from an array store see hereafter

Based on the selected record and file name show the content of a floor plan of the selected floor. This is a pdf drawing.

The last field on the form must populate the rooms on the floor (so this must be dynamically loaded and based on the selected floor).

A good example to start from would be nice.

Thanks for helping me out,


So first select from this array the floor number (example floor -2)

The stores
{ complex_prefix : 'GHS', floor_nr :'-2', omschrijving: 'Kelder -2', drawing_ID: 'FLO-GHS B1K2', filename pdf: 'BST-01.pdf', totaal_m2: '193.4'}}

Then from another store select out of the rooms on the floor

Ext.define('store.tekening_ruimte', { // drawing name and rooms
extend: 'Ext.data.Store',
model: 'model.tekening_ruimte',
data: [
{ tekening_ID : 'FLO_STV_B1K1', room_nr: 'A--1-02', room_catagory : 'bergruimte',ruimte_naam: 'opslag ergo', m2: '32,5' }