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Thread: How can i show a chart bigger than device screen on iphone?

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    Default Unanswered: How can i show a chart bigger than device screen on iphone?

    Hi, I'm trying to show a line chart with a hight number of points (>30) in a UIWebView, but letting sencha handle the chart dimension with "fullscreen: true" the points are too close. What i would like to do is setting the chart width to something bigger (let's say 1000px) and then scroll using the webview built in scroll.

    The chart is shown bigger as it should (i can see a part of it) but (I don't know why) the webview scroll is disabled as soon as the chart appear, i mean, objective-c side it's still active, but the view simply does not respond to gesture any more, i think it could be something in the sencha js code that prevent default gesture to work.

    Here is my code:

    	var store=new{
    	new Ext.chart.Chart({
    		renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    		width: 800,
    		height: 460,
    		store: store,
    		series: [{
    			font:'18px Arial'
    Any tips? Thanks.

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    You should wrap the chart in a container. The container should have the size and the chart should not, container should use fit layout and scroll : 'both'
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    Default Solved

    EDIT: (ignore the "solved" title, i've edited the post but can't change the title)

    Thanks for replying, I've tried your suggestion of using a container but i've set things up this way:

    -- Container --
    - fulscreen rendered to body
    - layout auto (why use 'fit'? having the chart resizing to the layout is what i'm tring to avoid)
    - scroll: both
    - style: 'overflow: hidden;'

    -- Chart --
    - size: whatever i want (bigger than screen size)

    This setup almost works as i want, except that a chart in a container with an "auto" layout doesn't get rendered. I've erroneously make the chart render on the body too and it worked in certain cases, but it's... well, just not the right thing to do, right?

    Is there a way to render a chart into a container with "auto" layout?
    Thanks again for your help and sorry for my bad english.
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