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Thread: Incorrect Web address is shown for Ext Core

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    Default Incorrect Web address is shown for Ext Core

    Required Information

    Browser versions and OS
    • svn 1.6.17, Ubuntu 12.04.

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. Visit
    2. Issue the command found under Check out the latest and greatest with Ext Core 3.1 SVN:.

    Expected result
    Checking out a subtree of the repository.

    Actual result
    A timeout.

    Helpful Information
    Posted in this forum as Ext JS Community Forums 4.x Ext: Core is described as All questions about how to use Ext Core and what is being reported is not a bug in Ext Core itself.

    Possible fix
    Replace the command with svn co as suggested in this thread.

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    Will pass to our web design team
    Mitchell Simoens @LikelyMitch
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