As a company, we at Sencha realize that the forums don't 100% fit our or the community's needs. vBulletin has served us well and we (Sencha and community) have both grown on these forums.

We can't say enough how much this community means to us so it was about time we start implementing some things to fill the gaps. We already have a couple plugins installed on vBulletin but have been internal tools to help us organize our support which is allowing us to target the threads that still need attention.

We aren't just going to install plugins for internal usage. Today we are starting implementation of the first major public facing plugin which is called Post Voting. Currently in the different Q&A forums you can mark a single post as being the answer to the thread which has worked great. However, having almost 380,000 registered users (at the time of writing) we have lots of community and Sencha employees helping one-and-another which often results in several posts contributing to an answer. Using out online API Documentation as a muse, we wanted each post to have the ability to be voted up or down (hopefully never down). In each post you will start to see an up and down arrow with the rating between the arrows under the user information which will look like:

Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 2.28.23 PM.png

Testing on this plugin shows that it's real easy to use, like a post click on the up arrow and your vote will be counted. This will not mess with the timeline of a thread, we felt the need to preserve the discussion timeline was very important. Here is a feature list:

  • Vote up/down
  • Vote tracking, you will see your overall vote rating in your user information on each post
  • Only vote once per post
  • Cannot vote on your own post
  • Vote will up/down your reputation

I hope you all enjoy this new functionality!

First forums to get this enabled on will be the Premium Forums. After a week or two all forums will get this plugin enabled.