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Thread: Problems with ux.ManagedIframe with defaultSrc property and src function

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    Default Problems with ux.ManagedIframe with defaultSrc property and src function

    i have a little problem with the ux.ManagedIframe. When i try to replace the defaultSrc Website i get the old Website still in the Browser.

    Also if i use the method load(src) i only get the first Version of the src Website.

    For Example

    If i use the iframedemo.html and change the defaultsrc '' to '' after loaded the page, i still get the google page if i reload the page.

    Also i have a Problem with the Pages if i use the .setSrc Method the page is cut to the size of the first defaultSrc Page.

    The Webserver is a Win Vista X64 OS with IIS 7.0

    any Idea how to load the new pages ? or emtpy the cache ?

    Deleting the Cache from the IE don't help, also deleting the Cookies don't help.

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    You should post this to the 2.0 Extensions forum for ux.ManagedIframe.

    You'll need to post some source code before I can tell what your doing.
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