If you go here:

nd go to the BufferView example in the latest version of Chrome, you can see that the third column is a few pixels off when you scroll down to the rows that are initially not visible in the grid.

Resizing brings the columns back to the smaller width, but if you scroll again to the next section, you'll see that the rows that are off-screen are always a few pixels off when they come back on screen.

This effect is magnified if you have many columns. The widths seem to be exactly 2 pixels bigger in the offsite row-space than they are in the visible row-space. So if you have 12 columns, your last column will end up being 24pixels off to the right vs the last column in the visible row-space.

The effect doesn't manifest in Firefox. Only in Chrome (and I think only in newer versions of Chome.)

When inspecting the cells in Chrome Developer Tools, I noticed that the visible items seem to be 2 pixels thinner than the off-screen items. So, if my column is initially set to 70 pixels, the onscreen cells will show a width of 68 pixels, and the offscreen cell (after they scroll on-screen) will have a width of 70 pixels.

Any chance of getting someone to look into this and releasing a patch to GXT 2.2.5?