Has anyone been seeing problems with setIconStyle and Firefox 12? When I use a url to locate a graphic, it works fine in all the browsers. When I use a css style, it works for IE8/9, but I get no icon in Firefox. The button is generated in the HTML without the accompanying img tag. Calling getIcon afterwards gets a null return value. I tracked this down to createStyle in IconHelper. I took the code and made a method I could play with.

    public static void createStyle(String styleName, int width, int height) {
        El el = new El(DOM.createDiv());
        DOM.appendChild(XDOM.getBody(), el.dom);
        el.setLeftTop(-10000, -10000);

        String style = el.getStyleAttribute("backgroundImage");
        String style2 = el.getStyleAttribute("background-image");
        String color = el.getStyleAttribute("background-color");
        Log.info("style: " + styleName + " background-color: " + color);
        Log.info("style: " + styleName + " backgroundImage: " + style);
        Log.info("style background-image: " + style2);
        String url = el.getStyleAttribute("backgroundImage").replace("\")", "").replace(")", "").replace("url(\"", "").replace(
                "url(", "");
I created css entries as follows:

  background: url(../images/netmarkets/add16x16.gif) no-repeat center top !important;
  background-color: red;
When the URLs are correct, IE9 will correctly display the backgroundImage style value and the background-color style value (I used the color setting to insure that the css style was being properly resolved). Firefox 12, however, never displays anything but "none" for either value. That tells me that the css classname isn't being resolved inside Firefox 12. Any suggestions? I looked at the examples using css style names to provide images and think I have it properly set up. But Firefox doesn't seem to want to cooperate.