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Thread: 3 Tips for Using Flash in E-learning

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    Default 3 Tips for Using Flash in E-learning

    Adobe Flash is an important tool for creating successful course interactions. With its feature-rich list of capabilities, built-in components, and e-Learning output templates, Flash makes a lot of sense for maximizing course content. In this article, we'll highlight some of the important features of Flash and how they can make your courses shine.

    1. Animations for Step-by-Step Procedures
    In 10 Tips for Using Graphics in e-Learning, we saw the importance of using graphics in courses, to strengthen how well they meet learning objectives. We talked about different delivery methods for conveying subject matter, and one of those methods was animation. Flash uses timeline-based animation, which makes it quite easy to build animated movies. Graphical elements may be created directly in Flash, but a majority of developers use other tools that they are more comfortable with especially Adobe Creative Suite. With Flash CS3, you can now import native Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files. You can even convert "layered" files from these programs into Movie Clips and animate the individual layers using keyframes in the timeline.

    In e-Learning materials, step-by-step procedures can be particularly tricky. Think of the last piece of furniture that you had to put together. How useful were its instructions? One of the things IKEA does well is its non-text instructions for assembling its furniture. These instructions are pure imagery. Take that concept a step further, and you have animation. An animated step-by-step instruction is much more powerful than static imagery. During an animation, you can highlight specific areas, use animated arrows, and express a learning objective much more naturally and effectively.

    2. Easy Audio Integration
    Adding audio to an HTML-only course presents difficulties for course developers. First, multiple audio formats are available on the web today: WAV, AIF, MP3, M4a, etc. Even worse is the vast array of audio-player applications and their file-type associations, both for Mac and Windows platforms. Having users download specific players is a distraction from the course material, and a potential source of additional problems.

    Flash, however, supports several audio formats and plays them all using the Flash Player, which has a 98% market penetration. The Flash Player is available in all major browsers and platforms, and is even becoming available in more Internet appliances. You can easily import almost any audio file, add it to the Flash timeline, publish the Flash movie, deliver the course, and be fairly certain that users will be able to hear the audio without having to download an extra player.

    Another problem with audio is that, if a sound file is not set up to "stream," there is a chance that some of the sound may drop out. Flash has built-in streaming capabilities, so you can be assured that your audio content will be delivered to users without drop-outs and gaps.

    3. Course Navigation
    How smart is your course navigation? By "smart," I mean can it communicate with your LMS? Most in-course navigation is pretty boring and perfunctory. If you spice up yours with Flash, your courses will become more useable.

    Since Flash can work with SCORM and AICC courses, on-screen buttons can be scripted via ActionScript to send calls to the LMS for certain conditions. A button at the end of a lesson might send a finish statement to the LMS, signifying lesson completion and triggering further actions. Another button might automatically submit the results of a quiz.

    Better learning experiences are possible, since the entire interface is completely customizable, and buttons are very easy to create in Flash. If you want, you can even use its built-in library of buttons to create your course navigation.

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    Thank you for the information.


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