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    Default 0.3.2 Documentation

    Started using the cool stuff!

    I did notice what I think are a few typos in the docs, though. Both of them are on

    First, in the "Authentication" section, it says that the "authenticated" event is fired. I believe it should be "authorized".

    Second, am I incorrect in assuming that manualLogin should be "true" to not automatically trigger the login panel? When I use manualLogin: false, the auto-login form is pushed into view, but when manualLogin: true, it works as expected. Are the values flipped?


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    thank you for checking out the new Controller.

    1) Good catch, I'll update the docs to reflect the correct name.

    2) You are also correct with manualLogin. If you pass manualLogin false then it will automatically display the login screen. If you omit manualLogin then it will be set to false and show the dialog if auth fails. If you set manualLogin to true then the application has to manually trigger the login by calling login() on the controller instance. I'll update the docs.

    Again thank you for trying out the new controller and submitting the docs bugs.

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