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Thread: Date not being passed to functions in Ext.Date.formatFunctions

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-2968 in a recent build.
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    Default Date not being passed to functions in Ext.Date.formatFunctions

    I'm trying to add some custom date formatters to be used inside of XTemplates, and according to the API documentation for Ext.Date.formatFunctions, custom formatting functions added to this object will be passed the date to be formatted as an argument.

    This doesn't actually appear to be the case, since the underlying code that calls the format function looks like:

     * Formats a date given the supplied format string.
     * @param {Date} date The date to format
     * @param {String} format The format string
     * @return {String} The formatted date
    format: function(date, format) {
        if (utilDate.formatFunctions[format] == null) {
        var result = utilDate.formatFunctions[format].call(date);
        return result + '';
    So the custom formatter is actually being called in the scope of the date instead of it being passed as a parameter. Are the API docs just wrong or something?

    Here's a little example:

    Ext.Date.formatFunctions['customFormat'] = function() { console.log(arguments); console.log(this); return 'test'; }
    (new Ext.XTemplate('date: {start:date("customFormat")}')).apply({ start: new Date() });
    You'll see the arguments of the function are empty, but the scope is of the Date object to be formatted.

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    Simple documentation update. The date can be resolved by the scope.
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