Hi everyone,

I'm facing an issue in using 'Ext.util.JSON.encode( )' method and I don't know how to overcome it.

This is the situation: I have a grid filled by a data store called branch_store, the grid has got an action column containing a button to delete currently selected row.

I want to send a JSON string containing currently selected row's id to a php script named 'delete.php': it will delete corresponding record from a table in a database.

Here's my code:

var rec = branch_store.getAt(rowIndex);
var id = rec.get('id');
alert("Id is: "+id);  //Debug code
var store = Ext.create('Ext.data.ArrayStore', {
                          fields: ['id'],
			  data : [[id]] 
     url: 'delete.php',
     success: function() { Ext.Msg.alert('Success'); },
     failure: function() { Ext.Msg.alert('Fail'); },
     jsonData: Ext.util.JSON.encode(store.data)
The code above doesn't work, by using google chrome's javascript console to debug it I obtain the following error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'encode' of undefined

The problem is clearly the argument passed to 'encode' method, but I don't know what should be the correct argument type for that method.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.