Hi all,

In a grid I want use these two plugins ux.LiveSearchGrid and ux.RowExpander.
When I use the RowExpander, the LiveSearchPlugin don't match result.

I made a simple modification in the LiveSearchPlugin. It's not the better way.
I think the best is to make a recursive search, but for my needed (search only in the first level cells) it's suffisant.

Here my modifycation in the onTextFieldChange function:
             me.store.each(function(record, idx) {
                 var td = Ext.fly(me.view.getNode(idx)).down('td'),
                     cell, matches, cellHTML;
                 while(td) {
                     var treatedTd = td;
                     var subTd = td.down('td');
                         treatedTd = subTd;
                     cell = treatedTd.down('.x-grid-cell-inner');
                     matches = cell.dom.innerHTML.match(me.tagsRe);
                     cellHTML = cell.dom.innerHTML.replace(me.tagsRe, me.tagsProtect);
                     // populate indexes array, set currentIndex, and replace wrap matched string in a span
                     cellHTML = cellHTML.replace(me.searchRegExp, function(m) {
                        count += 1;
                        if (Ext.Array.indexOf(me.indexes, idx) === -1) {
                        if (me.currentIndex === null) {
                            me.currentIndex = idx;
                        return '<span class="' + me.matchCls + '">' + m + '</span>';
                     // restore protected tags
                     Ext.each(matches, function(match) {
                        cellHTML = cellHTML.replace(me.tagsProtect, match); 
                     // update cell html
                     cell.dom.innerHTML = cellHTML;
                     td = treatedTd.next();
             }, me);
In bold, my modification.

If, another person have a better solution, please share.