With the work being done on the forums to add or fix features we release Post Voting to all forums on June 4th 2012. This voting has been well received and is generating quite a few votes per day now and it's just beginning!

Without the community, Sencha would not be where it is today so we would like to give back where we can. One of the ways we will be doing that is highlighting the stars on the forums and one way to do that is to take advantage of the Post Voting plugin. We keep track of all votes so we know who got the most votes or what thread has the best vote rating. People give their time and effort into helping others and we would like to thank those users in a public manner.

For this we have added two lists on the main forum page at the top. The one on the left is the threads that are trending and the one on the right are the users getting the most votes. This is one way to highlight those pitching in and giving the effort to help others and we thank you! Let me explain how each list currently is populated.

Trending Threads

This list is the top 5 threads within the past 7 days. We take all the posts within each thread, add up all the votes and the order the threads by the total vote rating.

Trending Users

This list is the top 5 users within the past 7 days. We look at all users, find out their vote rating and order the users by their total vote rating. We don't count users who work for Sencha, this is a community highlight after all.

Future Plans

This is a simple plugin but we have some future plans.

The Post Voting plugin has been greatly received and is gaining more users using it by the day. Currently the trends look at the past 7 days to have a rolling trend but as the Post Voting plugin gets used more and more then we can decrease the 7 days and possibly make it a day or even hourly updates. We really don't know until the time comes.

Typing the last plan, I created a new plan! I'd like to have a drop down menu to select what range I want to see and even have that persist. So the 7 days would be a default but you could have options for 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 6 months, etc or just freeform.

We will also look into adding a list of the top users who give votes so we can have two user votes for people who give votes and get votes.

Widget! It's 2012 right now isn't it? Why not make the lists into a refreshable, sortable widget instead of just a dynamic list (on page refresh) or even an auto-updating list?

As time goes on I'm sure there may be others. Got any suggestions? Let us know!

This is just one way we plan on highlighting community members. We really can't thank you enough for the time you all spend on these forums and we only want to make it better for you all.