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Thread: XmlP (The JsonP for XML data)

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    Default XmlP (The JsonP for XML data)

    Do you remember JsonP ?
    Here I give you the XmlP

    Detail :
    AjaxProxy cannot be used to retrieve data from other domains. If your application is running on it cannot load data from because browsers have a built-in security policy that prohibits domains talking to each other via AJAX.

    If you need to read data from another domain and can't set up a proxy server (some software that runs on your own domain's web server and transparently forwards requests to, making it look like they actually came from, you can use and a technique known as Xml-P (Xml with Padding), which can help you get around the problem so long as the server on is set up to support Xml-P responses. The XmlP is based on Default JsonP created by Ed Spencer. Just a little modification add for working with XML. See for more details.

    Screenshot :

    Code :
    Download :

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