I've created custom container layout (it's basically gridbag layout from java compiled to javascript). My layout needs to take into account height of docked items at top/bottom of panel, typically panel header. For some reason, header height is calculated only after it's width is set. This leads to layout failure in some cases.

As a temporary fix, I'm setting header width to some large constant number. Layout calculation doesn't get stuck then and it also considerably reduces layout cycles and therefore makes layout calculation faster. But diag.js gives me warnings - [W] BAD! P1_header.width set by P1<dock> and P1<ux.gridbag>.

My question is : why does header need to know it's width to calculate
it's height? It should need it, because "text-overflow: ellipsis;
white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden" styles ensure, that header text
will always be single line and fit into header box.

Thanks in advance,