I'm creating a EXT JS 3.3 TreePanel, which should support Darg and Drop also Click Event.

Until I Perform a Drag n Drop Events in that TreePanel the Click Event on TreeNode is firing and is functing well. But once I perform a Drop Event, the Tree become non reactive to Click Event/Node Traversal/Node Expand. The mean time I can do more Drag n Drop Events.

Please help me to sort out the issue..

the code is given below...

var ftloader = new Ext.tree.TreeLoader( {
preloadChildren :true,
clearOnLoad :false

var ftroot = new Ext.tree.TreeNode( {
text :'Folders',
draggable :false,
isTarget: false,
iconCls :'conthruAr',
id :'fsource'

var treepan2 = new Ext.tree.TreePanel(
title :'',
border :false,
id :'treepan2',
enableDD: true,
bodyStyle :'background:none; float:left; width:100%; text-align:left ; ',
useArrows :true,
forceLayout :true,
root :ftroot,
loader :ftloader,
dropConfig :{appendOnly:true},
listeners : {
nodedrop: function (dropEvent) {

// Copy the node.
var node = dropEvent.dropNode; // the node that was dropped
var nodeCopy = new Ext.tree.TreeNode( // copy it
Ext.apply({}, node.attributes)

//nodeCopy.id = Ext.id(null,'newnode') + '_' + node.id;


// Find the right place to put it.
if (dropEvent.target.parentNode ===dropEvent.tree.getRootNode()) {
// The node is placed on a folder, thus drop it there.


//Codes for invoinking DWR (which works fine)


dropEvent.dropStatus = true;

return false;


treepan2.on('click', onFileTreeNodeClick);