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Thread: Generating native iOS app in Sencha Touch 2

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    Default Generating native iOS app in Sencha Touch 2

    I am new to Sencha touch 2 and is consider using it to build my next iOS app.

    1. Specifically, I followed the getting started guide here, got the 1st app running in the local web server. Then I tried to package the simple app in iOS native format using:
    sencha app build native
    The app is built and iOS simulator is successfully called up, but it stayed in the appLoading Indicator status instead of going to app.js and start other activities.

    Is there anything wrong w. the thing I do here? I also want to be more specific but I don't know where the app log is also.

    2. In general, am I supposed able to use the above method to wrap every examples in the sencha-touch example directory to native iOS apps? I tried doing it and seems the app/build paths all go haywire.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Usually means there is a JS error if it stops there.
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