Hi all,

I don't manage to load a component config dynamically with the renderer of type 'component'.
Here is the code :

var wizard_page_01 = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
	title: 'Dynamic form panel',
	height: 200,
	items: [
			xtype: 'container',
			id: 'cp1',
			html: 'Click on the load button to load content',
				loadMask: true,
				removeAll: true,
				renderer: 'component',
				success: function()
					alert('content loaded');
	tbar: [
			text: 'LOAD',
			handler: function() {
				var dynamic = wizard_page_01.child('#cp1');
If I remove the 'component' renderer option, then it loads correctly my server response content, but as html format, of course.

My server response is this :
{"success": true, "data": {id: 'newCmp', xtype: 'container', border: 1, height: 250, html: 'Content loaded successfully'}}
The Ext documentation is not clear about how the server response should be when it comes to 'component' renderer.