First I would like to say thank you so much for taking time to do this. Your examples for MVC were the first I was really able to understand when I was a newbie and now I feel much more confident using MVC within the framework, thank to your efforts. Your book is also very refreshing. I agree Jay Garcia's book, "ExtJS in Action" is a VERY good book for newbies. I am still looking forward to the new revised "EXT in Action" for version 4.

Anyway, I have been working on a project where I need a multi-select which has a checkbox in the list to the left of each entry in the list for the combo, that is retrieved from a DB call. I have found one that works, using a store with API and proxy, but the trouble I am having is I am not able to figure out how to get the entries that I "pick" in the list to send back to the server as a CSV list instead of as an array. I am passing back static values as well as items from the combobox that I will "pick" from the list to send back to the server and store in the database. I was hoping to get your multi-select to work, since you are also using a MySQL database for your source. Is there something I am missing? I also notice that you call a DB called blog, with cities and states listings and the SQL to create these tabels is not in your ZIP for the multi-select. Can you help me to get thsi working or help me to get the multi-select working to send CSV to the server instead of array?
Thanks again