Hey y'all,

I have this little problem using transparent PNGs inside a Grid when it is displayed in IE6.

the CSS we normally use for that particular case is as follow:
         /*This one is for Firefox.*/
         .nouveautes[class] {background:transparent url('../images/asterisk_yellow.png');}
         /*This is the IE 6 hack*/ 
         .nouveautes {background-image:none;  
                             filter:   progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='http://explorer.waka.ca/images/asterisk_yellow.png',     sizingMethod='scale');}
this would normally work in normal HTML. When that CSS class is used inside a grid in a renderer, it just stops working. it looks as though the CSS is unseen. The PNG file is shown with a background as on this image.

the toolbar north of the grid also uses the same css class technique without showing the background.

have you guys seen something like this before? and what was your solution? except killing IE6 of course