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Try this solution. Works in all browsers

PHP Code:
.x-grid-row ,.x-grid-cell, .x-unselectable, .x-unselectable * {
webkit-user-selecttext !important;
o-user-selecttext !important;
khtml-user-selectall !important;
ms-user-selecttext !important;
user-selecttext !important;
moz-user-selecttext !important;

PHP Code:
 if(typeof Ext != 'undefined'){
Ext.core.Element.prototype.unselectable = function(){return this;};
Ext.view.TableChunker.metaRowTpl = [
'<tr class="' Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'grid-row {addlSelector} {[this.embedRowCls()]}" {[this.embedRowAttr()]}>',
'<tpl for="columns">',
'<td class="{cls} ' Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'grid-cell ' Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'grid-cell-{columnId} {{id}-modified} {{id}-tdCls} {[this.firstOrLastCls(xindex, xcount)]}" {{id}-tdAttr}><div class="' Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'grid-cell-inner ' Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'unselectable" style="{{id}-style}; text-align: {align};">{{id}}</div></td>',
I get an error in IE8 saying "Ext.view.TableChunker" is null or not an object. I have placed this code in my HTML file after calling the ext.js file. Iam using ExtJS 4. Can you plz help me with this. It works fine in Safari & Firefox browsers!