I have a panel which contains a Grid with a CheckBoxSelectionModel. The problem is when I put it on a container, I get a grid without the header's checkbox. Luckily, the same panel renders ok on another application container, so compared generated html and figured out it is because the following piece of html code is missing the highlighted part.

<div role="columnheader" id="x-auto-241" aria-owns="x-auto-241-menu"
        class=" x-grid3-hd-inner x-grid3-hd-checker x-component"
    style="width: 18px; height: 22px;">
I am new to GXT and that's why I need an advice on what to do next.
May I add a fix to the style attribute in GXT?
Or should I go deeper to find out the root cause of that problem? In this case I am not certain of the place where GXT sets this attribute.

Could you please help.
Thank you in advance, Alex.