Architect Build tested:
  • Build: 442
Project Type:
  • Touch 2.x
  • This may not look like a bug in the first glance, or it is really not. But it does create problems.
  • When I wrote a resuable class/component, say userAlias: mycomponent, with custom property, say myProperty, there would be auto-generated updateMyProperty() in where I wrote reusable codes there.
  • As a component, I ddin't want my colleagues to modify the codes so they used link-instance:
{xtype: 'mycomponent', myProperty: 'some value'}
  • The problem was:- myProperty of mycomponent class had no value, therefore 'myProperty' was not generated into the Editor, hence, updateMyProperty() was never be called. Although in the link-instance myProperty was set, there was no updateMyProperty() serving the purpose.
  • Therefore, for Custom Properties, the Architect should insert them with Null value other then take them out.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • as above
The result that was expected:
  • reusable component codes inside updateProperty() and applyProperty are called
The result that occurs instead:
  • they never be called in all linked instances

Screenshot, Project, or Video:
  • not provided
Possible fix:
  • Type some value to the Custmer Property which is always a string.
  • In all resuable codes check the dummy value.
Operating System:
  • Max OS X Lion