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Thread: Are sencha io servers working correctly?

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    Default Answered: Are sencha io servers working correctly?


    I'm testing Sencha io and yesterday my app was working correctly but know i'm getting this timeout error :

    WARNING: RPC request has timed out as there was no reply from the server. Correlation Id: 4Logger.js:132
    WARNING: See documentation for (rpcTimeoutDuration, rpcTimeoutCheckInterval) to configure the timeout check Logger.js:132
    DEBUG: Protocol.receiveResponse null Logger.js:132
    ERROR: Error running RPC timeout checks 
    So my question is about the stability of sencha io servers. Are they ok? My internet connection works fine, i can login to sencha io but the sync not work any more.

    My second question is about data backup. When using sencha io, all data are stored in sencha servers. Is there a way to download a backup or to access them so we can see what datas are stored?

  2. One of the servers got into a bad state when it was holding a lock on a store, so access was blocked. I've reset that server now. We have a solution for this problem, but its not been promoted into production yet.

    The only access to the sync stores right now is through the Jasvascript API. You can write client code to access the stores and run it in a browser or in node.js


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