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    Default Answered: Sync issue

    I have had Todo example working yesterday but not today.
    Today I modify it to improve my understanding but have issues.

    I have restarted with original but it is now not functioning.

    I have the following error as a symptom from th eObject returned from the example code

    broadcast update [Object
    message: "local updates do need to be synched, but a remote sync is currently in progress"
    r: "error"


    Logger.js:132ERROR: Error running RPC timeout checks
    line: 155
    message: "'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'response.r')"
    sourceId: 4638233344
    sourceURL: "file:///Users/mauricewindley/Sites/myProjects/Todo/lib/io/src/cf/data/Protocol.js?_dc=1340182878018"
    __proto__: Error

    I am using Mac Intel, Lion, ST2, I have rest Safari local storage etc.

    Any hints on what I may have done wrong.

    Todos entered are displayed in the list, local storage shows undelivered stuff


    Thanks in advance
    Regards Maurice

  2. Yes. One of the servers got into a bad state whilst holding a lock on a store. I've reset that server now. We have a solution, but its not been pushed to production yet.


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