Prior to minifying my sencha touch application I get it to work beautifully - all the pages load correctly, my mvc calls are all working and the mock data that I have all load correctly.

Then when I minify it I get errors on every page it seems. My issue now is that when i get to a detail view of a customer for example I am getting no data. Prior to minifying my project

var _form = Ext.getCmp('accountDetailView');
_customer = _form.getRecord();

i would get this _form variable and I would load the customer data. then display the results after an ajax call.

Now i get this in my minified file.


Where I now have a variable 'a' - which for whatever reason always leaves my _customer variable as null.

I am minifying this project by running this in the command line
sencha app build production

then taking the files out of the build folder and putting them on my webserver.

I couldnt be more frustrated with trying to minify this project - any help is appreciated.