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    Dear Sencha,

    Yesterday I bought two licenses after extensive testing (also other applications).
    As a result Sencha Animator came out the best for what we wanted to do with it.

    So keep up the great work.

    Although as you may know, there is a little competition in this type of application (Adobe Edge, Tumult Hype for example).
    Now Adobe Edge has a really nice implementation that let's you create a basic preloader (showing a "I am loading bar" beforehand) that can be extended through javascript by adding the images that need to preload.

    There is that and there is also a very nice open source library for this created by the guys who created the HTML5 version of the populair iPad game : Cut the Rope HD

    I would really love to see this feature in the future!

    Kind Regards,
    Patrick van Zadel

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    Thanks for the feedback! That is definitely a nice feature to have.

    In the meantime (disclaimer: I haven't tried it myself), if you are willing to edit the exported code, you could potentially start the Animation earlier by editing the start listener to listen to the "DOMContentLoaded" instead of the "load" e.g.

    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
    and then using the first scene as a loading screen. However, if you'd want to automatically continue on when the loading was done, you'd have to add another listener for the "load" event or continuously check the page status and react on that as well.

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