Hello, I have a text field to which I'm applying a keyup event in a form via code like this:

        /* "defaults" below contained w/in form creation
        defaults: {
            enforceMaxLength: true,
            enableKeyEvents: true,
            emptyText: 'New...',
            listeners: {
                keyup: {
                    scope: this,
                    fn: function (field, event, options) {
                           return true;
        items: [
                    /* form items like text fields, combo boxes, etc */
The behavior that I'm experiencing is that only the first typed keystroke is appearing when I press a key. Subsequent keystrokes are not appearing although the event is being called. A field.getValue() call only reveals the first keystroke.

This simple code worked in EXTJS 3.4 quite well. Here's my field definition w/in the form:

   xtype: 'textfield',
   fieldLabel: 'PO Number',
   name: 'poNumber',
   id: 'poNumber'
Has something changed? This also fails in EXTJS 4.1 GA.