I have a problem to draw a horizontal line use extjs 4?
My code
//addCircle is function ,use to draw a circle,it work normally
//the arguments panel ,you can regard as a window,and x,y is coordinate
addCircle : function(panel,x,y){
        var circle = new Ext.draw.Component({
            width: 100,
            height: 100,
            x : x-200,
            y : y-10,
            draggable : true,
            resizable: {
                dynamic: !Ext.isIE,
                pinned: false,
                preserveRatio : true,
                handles: 'all'
            items: [{
                type: 'circle',
                fill: '#79BB3F',
                radius: 50,
                x: 50,
                y: 50
//addLine is function ,use to draw a line,it work bad
addLine : function(panel,x,y){
        var line = new Ext.draw.Component({
            width : 100,
            height : 100,
            x : x-200,
            y : y -10,
            draggable : true,
            resizable: {
                dynamic: !Ext.isIE,
                pinned: true,
                preserveRatio : true,
                handles: 'all'
            items : [{
                type: 'path',
                stroke : 'blue',
                'storke-width' : "4",
                path : 'M 10 20 H 90 '
I want to draw a horizontal line.
I use svg test ,you can use the url test
and you can write the under code
HTML Code:
<!DOCTYPE html>

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" version="1.1">

<path d="  M 10,20 H 90" stroke="blue" fill="darkblue" stroke-width="4" />

then we can see a horizontal line
so , in my extjs code I use the path and write
path : 'M 10 20 H 90 '
but it can not work.It has no js error,but has no line to display.
so , I use firebug to see the html ,
but,when i look the html,i think the code is same the above svg code.
I don't know why it can not work.
Thank you very much.