Required Information

Version(s) of Ext GWT
ExtJS 4.1.0 GPL

Browser versions and OS
(and desktop environment, if applicable)
Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Chrome, FireFox - Win7x64

Virtual Machine

I have a page with a non-editable ComboBox in a html which is inside a frame and I call that as Frame A on top of the page and inside a viewport, and below that is another frame with another html(hosts the page in an iFrame internally). If I expand the ComboBox, then click somewhere inside the iFrame, the ComboBox does not collapse. If I click next to the ComboBox, it collapses as expected.

Run mode

Steps to reproduce the problem
1. Create a page with a non-editable ComboBox and a control that uses an iFrame
2. Expand the ComboBox
3. Click inside the iFrame

Expected result
The ComboBox collapses when it is blurred.

Actual result
The blur focus hilight inside the ComboBox changes to gray, but the drop-down does not collapse when click not in the top frame.

Debugging already done
The NativePreviewEvent that the TriggerFieldCell is watching but does not fire when clicking inside a different iFrame.

Possible fix
Not sure if this is even possible? But it is definitely a bug for our users, who don't know or care about what we're hosting in an iFrame and what we're not. If it can't be solved for the iFrame case, is there any alternative to an iFrame we could use to host other pages that will give us blur events properly?

ScreenShot Took:
Took a example from previous ExtJS version which is still occurring now.
As shown in the image, I click the combobox and it collapse, and i can click on the left frame text which does not trigger the combobox to collapse. but once i click on the center frame it will collapse the combobox.

Tested in 4.1 API Example, it happen too when you click the top combobox "Sencha Doc"
and click the center example, i choose combobox example. "Sencha Doc" combobox not collapsed.