Good Day All,
Am developing an App which loads information dynamically from an Api once any item on the list is tapped. some of the fields to be loaded are like title, date, image, video. below are my codes for my model and also the view.

extend: '',

config:         {

    fields:         ['type','title','description','imageLink','fullBody','strPublishDate','ipadVideoUrl'],

And my view looks like this:
extend: 'Ext.DataView',

xtype: 'astrodetail',

requires: [

        scrollable: true,
        styleHtmlContent: true,
        store: 'UrlStore',
        title:'News Feeds',

                '{type}<br />',
                '{title}<br />',
                '{description}<br />',
                '<img src="{imageLink}"/><br />',
                '{fullBody}<br />',
                '{strPublishDate}<br />',

                '<iframe title="You" width="150" height="150" src="{ipadVideoUrl}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>'

My Store is loaded from API everything is showing as i want it once any item on the list is tapped except for the video, i went through Sencha documentation on there website but it does not suit in to what i want. i tried to set this using
i have tried to use iframes to achieve this but its still not working, everything display(all the fields in my model) except the video. am really Stuck at this place hope someone can help me out. thanks.