Hi all,

Wasn't sure what forum was best for this message but we organise the London Sencha Touch User Group (#LSTUG) and our 3rd event is on the 11th July from 6.30pm. I know a lot of you are stateside but if anyone fancies coming along and is in the UK then please join us. We even provide beer and pizza :-).

Details are posted on our blog:


We usually have 2-3 speakers talking about various aspects of the ST framework (usually we try to get a mixture of technical and non-technical so everyone is happy),

Would be great to see anyone if they can come.

We are also always on the lookout for anyone who would like to be a speaker at the event - perhaps you've had a lot of experience you want to share, a particularly successful product you want to showcase or particular extensions or technical solutions you've buit and are proud of. Please get in touch if you fancy it.

Many thanks,