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Thread: Difference in dimensions when adding an app to iPad home screen

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    Default Difference in dimensions when adding an app to iPad home screen

    Hi all,

    I have an app in sencha touch 2 and when i save it in the home screen of an iPad (it saves it as some kind of standalone app) it keeps the dimensions of the app but from when it was rendered in iPad safari.

    Again, i have an app with a container that when viewed on safari has 400px height. (This height is auto calculated by sencha i never hardcoded the number) When i save it to the home screen, and it opens full screen (without safaris toolbar, etc) the container still has 400px height. It like the full screen app remembers the sizes from when it was viewed on safari and doesn't re calculate heights for full screen.

    Do someone knows what is happening and how to fix this?


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    Sencha Touch doesn't calculate the size, the browser is responsible for layouts in ST2
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