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Thread: Api.js is not created automatically in DirectJNgine

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    Default Api.js is not created automatically in DirectJNgine


    I am using ExtJs 4.1, DirectJNgine 2.1, Java 1.6, tomcat 6 and Eclipse Helius . We are facing a very abnormal problem. The problem is that Api.js is not being created automatically and the worse thing is that it is created automatically on one pc but failed on some another pc with same code. The path of directory of Api.js in web.xml is also right because if we create Api.js file manually on this path, its start working. Sometimes, it happens that when we set up project in Eclipse for the first time with DJN, Api.js is not created automatically and if we provide it manually and then start tomcat and after this if we delete this Api.js and again restart tomcat, the Api.js file is being created successfully.

    I am not finding any solution or any reason for this absurd behaviour.

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    Looks a lot like a file creation permission thing.
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